Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers | Station Square

Love love love love love black & white photos. I tend to post color photos most because I am more partial to the pop of color but my eye seems to always be drawn to a good black & white photo. I know you have met Jaime, but I really haven’t had a chance to introduce you to David….such a cutie. I really love the middle photo here because it ended up coming out so faded it looks like I picked it up from about 1942. 🙂 I like that.

Jaime & David had a traditional Italian wedding and their reception at the LeMont was just gorgeous. 🙂 So much dancing, so much fun….soooooo many cookies (oh yeah…sure as a one-legged duck swims in a circle, you know I couldn’t pass up an old-fashioned Italian cookie table!) It was a day of gorgeous skies, tons of smiles and lots of love. My favorite kind of day. 😉


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