Creative Wedding Photography | Pittsburgh

So I gave you a tiny little sneak peek of Melissa & Jimmy’s wedding and now I just couldn’t help putting up these cutie sneak peeps! (Yes…I said sneak peeps ;-)) Melissa and her gang were all getting ready at the posh, modern apartments of Piatt Place in the city and I saw this cool mirror in the lobby RIGHT at the same time I realized that Melissa and her bridesmaids were standing exactly as you see in the photo. How serendipitous! So meant to be! I loved it!

And this was one of my favorites from the day too. While Melissa & Jimmy were hanging out I told them I’d be riiiiiight back…after I stole this sneak peep thru a wall. Love it!

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  1. Elizabeth….I like the take on the “Through the Looking Glass”….very nicely done!

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