Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers | St. Bonaventure | The LeMont | Lauren & Nick

The details. It’s all in the details. I.Am.A.Details.Junky. We all know this, right? I’m not telling you anything new here. 😉 Lauren & Nick had some wonderfully exquisite details at their wedding (which I suspect we can all thank Lauren’s mama for). I grabbed a few of my favs and put them in a little collage below but do yourself a favor and take your time to look at each one because they are so sweet.

First off make sure to notice Lauren’s bouquet. I know this is a trend right now but this is the first time we’ve had a bride with a brooch bouquet. It was just gorgeous and as I commented on it to Lauren she went thru and pointed out each one that someone close had given to her as a gift. So it was beautiful AND special. Nice! Also make sure to take in the church shot. A lot of times churches are just caves never letting in any light but St. Bonaventure was different. There were windows everywhere and the interior details of the wood beams just made the whole space glow. It was truly majestic. And look at that adorable teeny wedding cake! Nope-not the one encased in a container…the one below. Isn’t it so sweet!? And of course, check out that beautiful brooch attached to the ribbon. 😉 And now the really teeny wedding cake. Lauren’s mom thought it would be “sweet” (yes, pun intended) if each guest had their own little wedding cake. How scrumptious AND adorable!

So take it all in….there will be more to come. 😉

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