Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers | Mansion at Maple Heights | Mindy & Ed

Show me the deets! My absolute most favorite part of any wedding are the details. The bold colors, the gorgeous flowers, the yummy little extras that just make the day so so special. Mindy & Ed had quite a lot of delicious details so I put a few collages together to give you a look into their day.

I swear there was a fireplace in every single room at The Mansion at Maple Heights. There were so many fine little details it took me a while to take it all in and there were flowers just everywhere, which I thought was a nice touch to every room. I also loved the chandelier. Couldn’t help myself from standing underneath it and grabbing a straight up shot. 🙂

Can’t put up a post of details without the girlie stuff…sorry fellas…I’m a girlie girl… 😉

The stained glass windows throughout the mansion were just gorgeous as well. All so colorful and they really brought lovely light into the space. You can also see the front of the invitations that Mindy worked very hard to design. Lovely! DIY touches really make everything so much more meaningful and special.

And just a few extras here. 🙂 Doesn’t that challah look scrumptious?!

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