Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers

Happy Monday to all!! It’s cold, it’s snowing…and I’m so happy today. Why, you ask? Because my family is FINALLY over this nasty stomach flu that has swept thru our house like a Texas-sized tornado. *Sigh*. Hello healthy, nice to see you again. 😉

So I haven’t been able to touch much on the last 2 weddings that we photographed in 2010 and I’ll be showing some yummies from both this week. But for now, until I get caught back up a wee bit I’m going to post this adorable little gem below. While waiting for Zack to get ready for his wedding I saw this cutsie patootsie ornament hanging on their Christmas tree. Photo-Op! So cute….

2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers

  1. HOW fabulous?! I love that you got this Elizabeth thank you! This is an ornament made by a dear friend/former co-worker of mine, Keely Hanway. She was is absolutely elated to see this picture. I cannot wait to see the rest of the those details you’ve become so famous for : )

  2. Mandy couldn’t have said it better!!! I was so happy that she woke me up with news about the “gem”. When Mandy first told me about her plans for the wedding, she had mentioned how much she loved orniments so at that point I knew that she had to have one. This picture is perfect. Thank you for your creativity.

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