Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers | Nemacolin Woodlands | Chateau LaFayette

So would you believe me if I said John and I actually shot a wedding yesterday? Nope, it’s not Sunday today…it’s Thursday. šŸ™‚ We had the pleasure of photographing Danielle & Josh’s wedding on Wednesday! Of course this is for a very good reason…Josh is studying for his PhD in Statistics at Oxford (can we say…wicked smart??) and Danielle is in medical school in NJ (insert previous statement in parentheses…) so as you can imagine, their schedules aren’t exactly convenient. Aaaand throw in the desire to take a week long honeymoon in Hawaii (yummy) and there you have it! A wedding on a Wednesday! People came from all around to attend this wedding and it was just glorious. Nemacolin is a very luxurious place to hold a wedding so we had a blast with finding our way thru the maze they call a resort while photographing some lovely moments.

So here is a GREAT moment I wanted to share. While getting dressed in his tux, Josh realized he had no idea how to tie a bow tie. Fat ‘lotta good his best man (Dad) turned out to be because he had no idea either. šŸ˜‰ So…what’s a guy to do? AH! Yes! Of course….You Tube! So here you see below Josh and Dad figuring out how to tie their bow ties. So cute!

Another thumbs up for modern technology! More to come…

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