Just a Little Spooktastic Fun for You…

So remember Melissa & Jimmy? I have a lot of so many fantabulous photos to post from their engagement shoot and I can’t wait to share them with you. For now, I thought I’d share a little Halloween/spooky/”Nah-UH!!!!!!” fun with you. šŸ˜‰

After the fun at the barn, Melissa asked if we could go to a local B&B for some shots as they had some nice grounds. Of course John & I up for anything so off we went! When we got there and I asked Melissa if she’d like to get some shots inside as well she said, “Oh there’s no point. The photos will be filled with so many orbs the photos won’t even be printable.” Insert blank “holy crap” look here. So I had to ask…”Orbs?” and she said “Yep, orbs.” Huh. You’d think I’d be creeped out (as I usually am at this sort of stuff) but I demanded we go in the Inn immediately. I took the photo below. No biggie…but then I looked closer. Notice anything in the second photo I did some cropping on??


See somethin’?

Just so you know…I did ABSOLUTELY NO EDITING on this photo (other than the cropping in the second photo). No contrast, exposure, straightening, sharpening….this is a totally untouched photo. Tell me if you see what I saw, then blew off, then showed John. After he said “WOW talk about being stuck in purgatory”, I thought I’d share it with all of you and see if you see it too! AND there was only 1 maid present and she was upstairs cleaning a room.

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8 thoughts on “Just a Little Spooktastic Fun for You…

  1. Ok – Help me out! I can’t see anything weird! I keep looking at the mirror but I’m not seeing it!

  2. OHHH WOWWW! OK I SEE IT NOW!!! That IS creepy!! I just did a wedding last weekend at the haunted Hotel Conneaut and I keep pouring through my shots hoping to find something like this!!

  3. Well Melissa told me I wouldn’t see any “orbs” unless I actually printed the photo so that’s next. She said she’s there a lot and have had a lot of photos taken there and they always have the beams of light and the orbs and in one there were even arms wrapped around her waist as if someone was holding onto her and posing for the photo right next to her. CREEPY but so badly want to go back and take more photos!!!!!

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