Pittsburgh Indian Wedding Photographer | Omni William Penn | Divya & Vinit

So here we are! The final posting of Divya & Vinit’s fabulous wedding weekend! I have posted several yummy entries about their wedding day and it has been a blast putting them all together. So here is my last entry about their reception…

So I don’t know if you remember what the ceremony looked like in this room but here it is all transformed for the cocktail hour, later to be transformed again for the dessert room! I just loved this room. It’s so versatile, dramatic and detailed. The food was absolutely amazing and it just seemed to be flowing everywhere…which I did not mind one bit!

And here is lovely Divya, in her 3rd gown for the evening. I loved this one solely for the reason that it’s pink…and sparkly. 😉

But of course there was one final outfit to prepare for so off to Divya’s suite we went for one final touch up and her final change of clothing into her amazing reception gown…that weighed more than me.

And a romantic moment before Divya & Vinit’s entrance…

2 fav’s…

And just LOOK at this ballroom! So fantastic! All of it! The details were so yummy…

I loved this…upon being announced into their reception, Divya & Vinit had their very own stage beautifully decorated and adorned with a couch, swaths of fabric and pillows…of course! This is where they sat to hear all the speeches given by friends and family. Loved it!

I just loved some of the dance photos we were able to capture with the spotlights and videography lighting…

Thank you Divya & Vinit for such a great day!

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