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Good morning! I am so excited to share this wedding with you because it was our first outdoor wedding all year.  And although it was incredibly hot (I’m steaming up just thinking about it :)) it was so worth it.

Meet Marisa & Daniel. I had the pleasure of photographing Marisa & Daniel’s Engagement Session right before their wedding and I knew then that their wedding was going to be so fun to photograph. Both of them are so laid back, so into each other and excited about their wedding day I was just happy to be a fly on the wall. 🙂

Little did Marisa know that she’s a DIY’er until she hooked up with the fabulousness that is Sumer Schmitt from Simply Perfect Weddings, who in turn, hooked Marisa up with the other fabulousness that is April Mason from Mocha Rose. Talk about fabulosity! It was amazing…the details, the colors, the feel of it all and my favorite part was that Marisa’s overall look for the day was simplicity, which I loooooove. 🙂 Marisa got all of her inspiration from the gospel of all wedding ideas; Style Me Pretty…aaaaaaaaahhhhh (insert angelic voices here).

Just check out these adorable deets!

Yes, Marisa made these herself. 😉

I thought this was such a unique idea. Since this was an outdoor wedding in August (huff and puff) there were 2 tin tubs of beverages placed at the end of the rows of chairs for guests to grab on the way to their seats. Genius!

Just look at this gorgeousness! Isn’t Mellon Park amazing for weddings??

Need I say more??

Just sayin’…

Oh Elliott…you are so adorable…

Series of some romantical fav’s….

The sun flare on this reminds me of some kind of ethereal garden…so sweet!

Because Phipps Conservatory is so monumentally beautiful I tended to shoot big picture to include all of Mother Nature’s glory around us so I just had to throw this tight crop in that my John got…among his other talented shots.  😉

Almost looks like a heart, huh? 🙂

OK – so this shows a little more of the DIY attitude Marisa had. She had the CUTEST ideas ever! Below you’ll see an adorable antiqued window, yep – WINDOW, that Marisa hand wrote every guests name on to tell them which table they were to be seated.

And here is another one with the evening menu for the guests. Brilliant!

For centerpieces Marisa chose window boxes filled with flowers, keeping with the theme above.

For table markers she created picture frames covered in moss.

And I loved this: above hers and Daniel’s setting was the letter of each of their names covered in moss as well. Each seat had a handwritten envelope and inside was a card showing a donation in each guest’s name.

Couldn’t get enough of the table settings…

This is the kind of lighting you can’t get inside a ballroom. 😉

And what a great touch this was! Each guest could use the stamp pad featured below and put ink on their thumb….

…and put their thumbprint on the “tree” in the frame and then sign the thumbprint….

…giving Marisa & Daniel this beautiful keepsake…

Thank you Marisa & Daniel for such a terrific day! Slideshow coming soon…

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