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So I haven’t had a chance to mention Kim & Ben’s wedding day yet! Oh.It.Was.So.Delightful! WAIT till you see Kim’s dress! OK, I can’t even wait…do you see the photo below? I saw this gorgeous dress hanging on the door and I thought “Oh my gosh! How sweet!” I just loved the little tucks on the bottom with the flowers…

And then I was absolutely awestruck when…they brought the train in! How many times have you seen a dress that has such a magnificent train that it is separate to the dress!!!!! I was so excited!

And here’s the yummiest part of this dress; Kim went to Florida to take a look at some AMAZING DESIGNER gowns that are sold through Brides Against Breast Cancer. Ladies—let me tell you something, if you have never heard of this then Merry Christmas to You! This is a non-profit fundraising organization that holds around 32 bridal shows a year displaying DESIGNER gowns and other gowns that have been donated in the name of Breast Cancer Research. Over 50% of these gowns are brand new and sent directly from the designers themselves. Kim paid around $800 for a dress that would have cost over $2000 in the stores…and her dress was STUNNING. Shopping with a cause! I love it!

Just look at the detail around the top of the train…

And on top of it all, Kim was a DIY’er! She made so many things in this wedding I was so impressed! She made the adorable feathery comb in her hair and her earrings (and the bridesmaids necklaces and earrings, not shown)

Her veil…

The Ring Bearer’s pillows…

Even all the flowers for her wedding party! Stunned!

And each bridesmaid had their own pin to decorate their flowers for a little personal touch…

And here are some yummy little photos I just couldn’t stand not throwing in…

More to come!

5 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Wedding Photography | The Mayernick Center

  1. WOW- this dress is stunning! I have never heard of this wedding dress program! Fantastic

  2. Thanks for the sneak peak-these pictures are so lovely-thank you! You and John were wonderful to work with. As the mother of the bride, I kept thinking “This would be a great picture moment-and voila-there you were in the background,not intrusive, but camera ready!” I’m sure the rest of the pictures are every bit as wonderful. You are true artists.

  3. We LOVE the photographs!!! You both captured our moments so beautifully! : ) Thank you too for the DIY shout-out and sharing the Brides Against Breast Cancer information. Amazing work!

    ~ Kim and Ben

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