How Cute is THIS?

Just look at this strip of photos below. 🙂 This is Courtney and this is Courtney’s first look at her flowers. This was such a sweet and adorable moment for me to photograph because each photo told a new part of the story of Courtney seeing her flowers for the first time. April Schwietz at Mocha Rose is the genius that put these lovely arrangements together and as you can see, it all worked out beautifully. (PS-the box on the stems of the flowers is to keep the integrity of the bouquet…not for aesthetic purposes ;-))

So here is the adorable story of Courtney seeing her flowers for the first time:

Photo #1: Just checking them out…
Photo #2: Oh this is EXACTLY what I wanted (the tears start….)
Photo #3: I’m getting married today!
Photo #4: Do you see these?? Aren’t they beautiful??
Photo #5: Oh crap, I’m going to ruin my makeup.

SSSOOOOOOOOOOO much more to come from this wedding. 😉

5 thoughts on “How Cute is THIS?

  1. If i cry this much when i see my flowers, I can only imagine the photos you captured of the tears flowing once I see Mark!

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