Meet Kelsey & PJ–Part 7

Hi All! OK–so we had a bunch of announcements to make so I wasn’t able to do my thing on Kelsey & PJ so I’m doing it today.

My rule of thumb for wedding photos on a blog is not to do too many at one time….but that’s out the window today. I just couldn’t keep it to a minimum so here’s a bunch from the shots in between the ceremony and reception.

I just couldn’t quit photographing Kelsey! She was so photogenic and so up for anything that I could’ve taken 4 days just to photograph her.

I just love walking shots…

PJ was very down to earth and quiet…glad we caught this moment. 😉

I just love detail and non-traditional shots…

The veil the veil the veil the veil… 🙂

So sweet…


Last post on this lovely couple next week!

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