90 Days of Getting Back to Me–Update

Well it hit me the other day that I forgot to post last week on my update. CRAZY week last week…I’m sure you forgive me. 😉 Well with the new season brings lots of new flavors, food and of course…colds.  So off to our nutritionist we went for a “tune up”, shall we say.  We have been working with Deborah Barr at Whole Health Resources for a couple of years now and she is just absolutely wonderful with food.  She specializes in macrobiotic foods and believes in using food as a medicinal power to control your immune system and overall health.  Any ailment you have, Deborah will design a diet especially to help your body fight it. She also works with weight loss as well. She’s amazing and we highly recommend her for anyone looking to rid themselves of sickness or even just general overall health. She’s our guru. 🙂

So now we’re REALLY back to basics with our diet…well…John is so much more than me.  He’s so irritatingly committed. Grrr…

I can feel my inner zen being cleansed as I type. 🙂

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