A Few Details…

What a fun day it was Saturday with Stephanie & Michael…tons of sunshine, tons of laughs and we even had soccer! (that post soon to come!) 🙂  It was a nonstop party all day and I think the sweetest moment was when the priest recited letters that Stephanie & Michael had written about each other.  They both talked about why they falling in love and the happiness they felt in finding each other.  There are quite a few shots I want to show so I’m going to break this up over a few days.

I just love getting ready shots.  I love quietly documenting the process.  Done it a thousand times but it never gets old. 🙂

CP  005

I thought this was so sweet. This is what Stephanie & Michael have painted above their bed.

CP  006

CP  007

I can’t resist posting this shot. It’s such a classic shot to me and I love the specific focus.

CP  008

CP  011

Love these shots too. 🙂

CP  012

Stephanie’s bridesmaids were so cute and sweet. They were a little weirded out that I was snapping pics of them while they were getting ready…but had fun with it!

CP  013

This is probably my most favorite picture of the day.  Love it love it love it.  I think it has a very intimate appeal to it. 😉


Michael gave the cross that Stephanie’s mother is helping her with as a gift. Very sweet that she wore it on her wedding day.

CP  015

More to come Monday!

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