A lot of couples ask me where to go in between the ceremony and reception for their fun pictures.  It’s a very common question so here are some tips on how to get some awesome shots!

Don’t worry about the location.  I have had a lot of couples desperately want locations with large buildings or vast backgrounds because they think the structure or area is pretty.  It may be pretty but do you really want a photo with you the size of a pea with a building taking up the majority of the photo?  Always remember that you and your new spouse are the focus of the photograph, not a building or flower.

All you need is good light and no rain.  Natural light is always the way to go.  Any time you can get shots outside take it because you can’t beat Mother Nature.

No matter what photographer you hire, please don’t ask them to take photos in a gazebo.  Gazebos usually make for lousy pictures. You’re trying to squeeze a bunch of people into an area that focuses way too much on a structure. It’s normally dark inside so getting optimum lighting is a struggle.  There is always an exception to the rule but if I never see another gazebo it will be too soon. 🙂

Choose locations with a lot of space. My absolute favorite pictures are when I catch a moment.  The photograph above was right before we set up a shot and it’s one of my favorites of the day.  It’s real, their smiles are real, how they’re looking at each other is real…and notice you see nothing in the background.  All you need is a good photographer.  Giving couples space to do their thing is really what makes for good shots.  Tight spaces can sometimes cramp creativity so even if you think a location has lots of goodies for photos, think about the space of the location first.  It’s not that you need a large space for the photo, you need a large space so the couple can feel comfortable and relaxed. This will encourage natural behavior and allow your photographer the chance to snap those moments that will make you say “I can’t believe she caught that!” 🙂

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