The Engagement of Sarah & Marty

Never done a shoot like this before! Sarah and Marty are such huge sports fans we traveled all around Pittsburgh to different sports arenas to get some shots with them in a variety of their fav’ team’s jerseys. It was quite a journey!  Sarah & Marty were such a sweet couple and they were so great to work with.  They knew exactly what they wanted but were open to our suggestions.  They’re wedding will also be sports themed…can’t wait to post pictures from that day! 🙂

I thought this was kinda cute!

cp  310

cp  309

Love love love catching couples in this moment and I have to say…if you wait long enough you always get it. Here we are as photographers posing them, talking them thru everything and really all you have to do is wait and they always manage to come back to who they are and it’s those moments that matter the most. 🙂

cp  311

Thought this was sweet. I liked using the trees as borders to the shot.

cp  312

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