May I Have Some Chocolate with Some Chocolate and a Side of Chocolate Please??

OK–there are a lot of things I could say about the wedding we shot this past weekend. It was beautiful, the couple was one of the sweetest couples we’ve worked with, the reception was so fun and I can’t wait to post a few of the photos since it was at PPG Aquarium. BUT…I have to tell you the most important detail of this wedding: instead of a traditional wedding cake, the bride had a tiered cupcake “cake” and I ate the most scrumptious, the most delicious, the most delectable, the most mouth-watering, luscious, succulent, and exquisite cupcake I have ever eaten in my life.

This cupcake inspired feelings inside of me that no man could ever replicate. After I ate it I looked like a 2 yr old that had just had their first taste of chocolate. It was smeared on my face and on every finger and no…I did not feel one bit embarrassed as I licked each drop off of each finger and swallowed my head as I attempted to clean my face in the same way. It…was…heaven. *sigh*… was a chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate mousse, topped with chocolate mousse and then….oh yes…dipped in chocolate. C’mon ladies….can you feel me out there??

I would LOVE to tell you where this cupcake came from but the bride is on her honeymoon so I have to wait for her to get back so I can find out who this baking genius is.  As soon as I do you will be the first to know!  😉


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