Some Other Photographers You Might Like…

John and I have had the great opportunity lately to meet some other really fantastic local photographers. We’ve been able to come into this community of local artists and it really has been a blast. Each person we’ve met so far has been such a great influence on our work. So I figured I’d pass on their information so you brides out there have a few recommendations from an actual photographer! 🙂 Sometimes you just can’t get enough good information on the web so I figure when you can get a personal recommendation it helps!  Each of these photographers gets my highest recommendation.  If I were getting married I would trust any one of them with my day.  The best thing I can say about each of them is that you can just relax and trust that the artful part of your day is in the hands of a professional that will totally take care of you.

David Burke: SO nice and SO talented. David is a true gem. You can count on his work and him personally. I just love his eye.  He’s very creative.

Annie O’neill: Annie knows her way around a camera for sure!  Her works shows her level of ability and creativity.  She has a terrific eye and knows how to capture every moment.  And she’s just cool and always smiling. 🙂

Joanne Bartone: NICEST woman EVER!  She’s just so sweet and you just know with her as your photographer you have absolutely no worries about anything at all.  She takes care of you in every way and you’re sure to end up with the sweetest and most awesome photos.

Kimberly Reed:  This photographer just rocks!  You can read my 5 Question Interview on her that I just did the other day.  Her photography is so creative, so emotionally charged and just smooth.  She’s pricey, but worth EVERY penny.  I just love her work…and I believe I even envy it. 🙂

Heather Lahtinen: Heather’s photography is just pretty.  Every time I see a photo of hers I think it should be in a magazine.  She’s very creative, sweet and you just know when you get your pictures back the first you’re going to say is “aaaawwwwww!!!”.  Her photography is very soft and feminine.  I really love it.

So there you go!

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    1. You certainly deserve to be mentioned…and much better places than my blog! Hey–congrats on The Knot…2 yrs in a row! That’s wonderful! 🙂

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