The Wedding of Idit & Josh

Remember the very playful couple we photographed for an engagement session recently? Well here they are in full force again but this time it was for their wedding. John and I had SO much fun watching all the night’s events unfold. There were only 26 people present for this day and I cannot tell you how obvious it was that everyone had such a fantastic time celebrating with this couple. It came thru and thru the whole night just how genuinely HAPPY everyone was to be there, on that day, with those 2 people, having the time of their lives. I’ve never seen so few people fill up that much room. 🙂 We were so pleased to be a part of it all.



2 thoughts on “The Wedding of Idit & Josh

  1. Being part of this wedding celebration WAS amazing but being able to see it again (and again) through your YouTube posting is truly priceless. Our families are wonderful but your talents in capturing all the events of the day and night will continue to live on as a Grammy winning video to me. Thank you for that Elizabeth and John!!!

    1. Lori–Thank you so much for such a kind comment. We appreciate your words and thoughts more than you know. This wedding truly was one of the best we had the pleasure to photograph. The intimacy and love was very apparent for all those attended.

      Thanks again!

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