Craig Photography Creative Photo Contest Winner

As we mentioned before, the winner of our contest was Jessica and her husband Matthew. Their idea was to re-create 2 old photographs of Jessica’s grandparents that they took of each other while on their honeymoon. We thought this idea was very sweet and nostalgic. Jessica and Matthew are planning on hanging all 4 photographs in their home.
We had a great time the day of the shoot. Jessica and Matthew were so much fun to hang out with.  The shoot took place at Roland’s in the Strip District  because they have a set of windows that were similar to the windows in the original photos.

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One thought on “Craig Photography Creative Photo Contest Winner

  1. John and Elizabeth,
    Let me first say that I am avoiding the tendency to use exclamation points after every sentence for the reader’s sake, but trust me, my satisfaction warrants them! I was SO impressed with the way you managed our photo shoot. Though we were not customers you treated my husband and I like we contracted your business. You got there early to scout out the location, a good idea in the Strip District on a Saturday. You handled all of the communication with the waiters and staff. When we realized that the optimal table in the window was taken, you watched it relentlessly then swooped in on it before it was bussed. You even brought two cameras to make sure you got the aspect ratio right! We had so much fun chatting and getting to know you, too! Your personalities are perfect for photography because you made us feel at ease. It really felt like we’ve known you longer than just a few hours. Bottom line: We had fun, we think the pictures are BEAUTIFUL, and I really wish I would have known about you guys when Matthew and I got married! THANK YOU!

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