Nawal & David

Friday we had the wonderful opportunity to photograph our first Muslim wedding. Nawal is from Saudi Arabia and she and David were such a sweet and devoted couple. The traditions, the colors, the outfit changes…all of it truly fantastic to be a part of. They were able to beautifully blend both western and eastern traditions throughout their day.

This first picture is of Nawal & David at the Cathedral of Learning in Oakland. As you can see Nawal & David started the day in the traditional western garb. I am only able to show you these photos because Nawal had a special shirt designed to go under her wedding gown so as to not show any skin. Also–she must wear either a traditional hijab, which is a head scarf covering all of her hair, or she can wear a synthetic wig. As you can see, she chose the wig.


Since Nawal’s family could not come over from Saudi Arabia, her father-in-law was the lucky guy to walk her down the aisle. Look at those amazing flowers! I loved that she was not afraid to be bold and different. A traditional bouquet just would not do for this event.


Here is the first outfit change for Nawal. This outfit was to honor the first Saudi dance for her, which is called the Ghomrah. Traditionally, this is when the Saudi women surround and dance with the bride. However, Saudi women are not supposed to have their picture taken. And since there were 2 photographers, 1 videographer and countless point-and-clicks in the crowd, they chose to sit this one out. So David’s family and friends took full advantage of this and had a great time.


And here is David’s first outfit change. This outfit was for his first Saudi dance with all of the men, which is known as the Mizmar. The men all dance with large colorful sticks.


Here is Nawal’s second change of outfits. Nawal dressed back into her wedding gown to commemorate a ceremony/dance with children that throw rose petals all over the new couple. David & Nawal share a little sweet moment together.


And here is their final change of outfits for the night. As you can see, the Saudi tradition of dress borrows heavily from the Indian culture. Isn’t the color so bold??


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  1. As salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaah wa barakatuh. May Allaah t’ala grant you both tawfiq in your union,Aameen. The pics are absolutely beautiful!! Masha Allaah.

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