San Mar Children’s Home

Hello Everyone!

John and I had the most fantastic privilege of spending some time with some awesome girls that live at the San Mar Children’s Home in Hagerstown, MD this past weekend. San Mar is an organization that houses young girls between the ages of 12-18 that are going through a tough time and need a little extra help. The circumstances that have resulted in their placement at this organization range from delinquent issues, sexual and physical abuse and also such things as parental neglect. John and I decided we wanted to travel to see them and have some fun. 🙂 The young ladies we got the chance to spend some time with allowed us to take their pictures, showed us their home, told us about themselves and even got a chance to play around with our cameras and take some pictures of their own. Later that evening, John and I had the opportunity to photograph a fundraiser celebrating 125 years of service from San Mar to over 3,000 children through the years.


Meeting these young ladies was the highlight of my weekend. They were fun, smart, funny and absolutely beautiful. I don’t know what each of their stories are, but I can tell you that the resilience I saw in each of their eyes was a profound lesson in love and forgiveness. If you happen to be looking around for a charity to donate to this holiday season, I’d like to toss San Mar into the pile. If you’re feeling generous, go here to donate a little something to some very special young ladies.


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