Andrea & Robert

Well, another successful wedding! We didn’t know if Mother Nature was going to cooperate, but in the end She came thru for us. We just loved being in Oakland for this wedding. Oakland has so many great spots for couples and wedding parties.

Loved this shot of Andrea. She looks great in this close-up.


I loved this pose and I really liked the natural lighting that was coming thru a nearby window.


Look at this good lookin’ crew of young men!


They’re shoes were so cool. We had to get a shot of them.


Shooting at St. Paul’s is so great because it really is such a lovely and majestic church. This first shot was taken with a fisheye lense.



It didn’t take long for Andrea to toss her shoes off, which made for this adorable picture.


I love the movement in this shot at the Mellon Pillars.


Andrea & Robert had an ice-sculpture thing going on at their reception and it added such a fantastic touch. This first one was simply for appetizers.


Andrea and Robert both attended Notre Dame and had this magnificent replica made.


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