His Gift to Her

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer Educator | Elizabeth Craig Photography-2He contacted me a few weeks before he was bringing his wife to Pittsburgh from their home in North Carolina. He had surprised her with tickets to the Justin Timberlake concert…and he also wanted to surprise her with a photo shoot with me.

You guys…I was SO OVERBOOKED. My calendar looked like a bomb went off all over it. But I just couldn’t say no. Actually, I said yes, then no. But with a bit of persuasion, they got me back to yes and I am so THRILLED they did.

Beyond being able to photograph this beautiful woman (I mean…..look at her!), meeting this husband and wife was the highlight of my entire month. They were so in love, so over the moon for each other and watching him watch her during the shoot was simply divine.

It is a lovely thing when you witness a man truly enjoy his wife’s beauty.

So, here’s to a bit of persuasion! *clink, clink*Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer Educator | Elizabeth Craig Photography-4Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer Educator | Elizabeth Craig Photography-1Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer Educator | Elizabeth Craig Photography-3Makeover by AtHome Beauty.


Join Me Live TODAY!!

IMG_4176Sound the trumpets, blow your horns and get out the champagne! Elizabeth Craig Education is officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS! If you’ve ever had the brilliant idea to open, run and sustain your own boudoir or editorial photography business, this is for you! We have a 10 week, 8 module program that is designed to help you, step-by-step, become your very own photography business owner. Questions? Read on my friends…

Join me today at 12pm on Elizabeth Craig Education Facebook page, Elizabeth Craig Education Instagram page, Elizabeth Craig Photography Instagram page, Elizabeth Craig Photography Facebook page, and my personal Facebook page, Elizabeth Craig, as I host a Q&A Session where no questions are off limits! And I’m starting to realize I have way too many pages!

Click any link above, like or follow, and then tune in at 12pm. Come loaded with your questions and I’ll be waiting for you!

It’s Launch Time Baby!

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 5.11.00 AMHOW EXCITED am I to officially announce the launch of Elizabeth Craig Education?? Let me tell you: SUPER EXCITED! Like….super DUPER excited!!

If you’ve been following ECE, then you may be a bit confused as to why we went radio silent when our official launch date was supposed to be October 1. Well, let me explain…

It’s really simple: we just weren’t ready. I was out in Colorado teaching a workshop on 10/1 and Lola was out there assisting, while John was filming for the week. This meant we couldn’t really give our full attention to a superb launch, which is what we wanted. 

But now the GOOD NEWS!

We are launching on 10/15. Yes! Only three more days and you will have full access to the entire Elizabeth Craig Education 10-week program (insert high-five, Snoopy dance and the clinking of champagne glass here).

If you thought that was all the fanfare we were ready to give, then you’d be wrong. I’d love to formally invite you to join me for 6 free webinars that will include all the deets on ECE, my top tips on In-Person Sales, building confidence in your clients,  and building confidence in yourself. You can also join team ECE (John, Lola and myself) for an awesome talk on marketing, but my favorite day will be the day I do a LIVE SHOOT so you can get a true peek into my shoots, studio and how I do what I do! See below for the full schedule.

In the meantime, feel free to hop on over to the ECE site and cruise through all the information we have for you there! Have questions? Email us at hello@elizabethcraigeducation.com or save them for the webinars!Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 5.10.27 AM

Make sure to register to join me for these six FREE webinars! To keep up to date on everything Elizabeth Craig, be sure to follow me at @elizabethcraigeducation and @elizabethcraigphotography on Instagram!

Searching for Gold in Colorado

Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot | Elizabeth Craig Photography-1….and I found it.

I’m going to toss this blog post up before my biggie big post (with video and everything!) just to give you a wee taste of what Colorado was like for us. If you remember, I was invited to Photo Rehab 2018 to instruct on 2 classes: Boudoir Flow Posing and Nailing In-Person Sales, while John came to film and also fill in some of the teaching gaps, along with Ms. Lola Gilbert (if you haven’t heard yet, we 3 make up the team that runs and operates Elizabeth Craig Education).

I’ll tell you more about my time in CO soon, but for now I wanted to highlight this awesome shoot I was able to put together as a bonus for the attendees. If you don’t recognize that fab glam model, it’s Krystle Coll from Adventuring with the Colls and Juniper and Krystles. Yes! She and her sexy husband, Edward, flew out to CO so that Krystle could be a model in my posing class, as well as this hot as hell shoot (hot as in sexy, not temperature…it as DAMN COLD!) I was THRILLED to be able to offer this to the attendees because, well….LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS!! Who WOULDN’T want some of these to toss into their portfolio?!?

BIG GIANT THANK YOU to Krystle for braving the crowd and cold. Sameera for the INCREDIBLE makeup and Evan for KILLING IT SO MUCH on the hair. You 2 blew me away!

It was a magical experience. I had the time of my life. There were huge Elk. The mountains were mystical. More to come.Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot | Elizabeth Craig Photography-3Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot | Elizabeth Craig Photography-4Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot | Elizabeth Craig Photography-2Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot | Elizabeth Craig Photography-6Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot | Elizabeth Craig Photography-7Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot | Elizabeth Craig Photography-5Outdoor Boudoir Photo Shoot | Elizabeth Craig Photography-8

Changing it Up

Pittsburgh Editorial Portrait Photographer-1-2So, yes, I know I’m almost exclusively known as a boudoir photographer, but every once in a while I like to mix it up a bit. Not only does it keep me sharp, push my creativity and rewire my brain for a day, but it’s just so much damn fun. And, yes, I know I’m almost exclusively known as a natural light photographer, but every once in a while I like to mix it up with different lighting just to see what I get.

I’m only giving you one sneak peek of each outfit that I chose. One of the BESTESTESTEST things about editorial photography in my studio is that I plan it all. I mean, I plan it all for boudoir shoots as well, but with editorial, typically my clients don’t even know what they’re wearing or what the theme is until they walk through the door. Creative directing is one of my favorite things to do because once I get an idea, the tunnel vision and obsession begins. Part of that is the hair and makeup and I have to say, Lee Ann NAILED it with these looks. And let me just pour buckets of kudos on Emily here. She’s an aspiring model and if you’re in the modeling biz in anyway–you want to hire this gal! As you can see, she’s got quite an exotic look that easily changes up pretty quickly.

More to come but I just have to point out…those Louboutin booties….I’m just dying…The only thing that beats that out is the Alexander McQueen pinstriped blazer and you guys, you haven’t even seen the best part of that jacket yet!Pittsburgh Editorial Portrait Photographer-5Pittsburgh Editorial Portrait Photographer-2Pittsburgh Editorial Portrait Photographer-4Pittsburgh Editorial Portrait Photographer-1Makeover by AtHome Beauty.