Women Celebrating Women

Women Celebrating Women-2That is, no joke, the one thing that makes me shake my bootie in a happy dance. Women celebrating women and our power, individuality, ethnicity, diversity, love, similarities, and respecting that each and every one of us is a story that no one has ever read before.

This is what our shoot was on this day. It was pure magic. As you know, I’ve hooked up with Amanda Cowan of GRLPWRPGH to work with her on what has been termed “Body Positivity Photo Shoots”. We’re trying each month to celebrate women in a beautiful way that exemplifies all of our complexities and similarities, while showing off all that also makes us different, but together.

In this latest photo shoot, we wanted to celebrate womanhood, body positivity and ethnicity. Meet the incredible ladies that fiercely stepped up to take part in this lovely endeavor. Each of these incredible woman came together on this day to not only celebrate their own richness within their own ethnicity, but to discover and unite with everyone else’s diversity.

I can’t even begin to explain to you how honored I am to now know each of these ladies.Women Celebrating Women-6Women Celebrating Women-9Women Celebrating Women-12Women Celebrating Women-3

OG, awareness-bringer, carrier of coolest purses ever and proud mama to Wiz Khalifa.Women Celebrating Women-4

Girlboss, professional cupid, + mental health & lifestyle blogger empowered by the love and fire within.Women Celebrating Women-13

Brand manager and everything Pittsburgh fashion, connector, builder and developer of local community meets fashion.Women Celebrating Women-5

Cyclist master, Irish wanderer and food lover.Women Celebrating Women-8

Old soul, young spirit, storyteller, painter and proud member of the #naturalhairgang.Women Celebrating Women-11

Ta’lor Pinkston
Self love coach, poet, inspirational speaker and all professional bringer of hope and all that is good.Women Celebrating Women-7

I also want to give the biggest of all shout outs to the amazing and talented stylists we had the lovely pleasure of hanging out with: Dominika Bronner Makeup, Stephanie Storm Beauty and See Jane Blush. PLUS a GIANT THANK YOU to Democracy Clothing for not only sponsoring this photoshoot but for giving each and every one of us a FREE pair of your AMAZING jeans! I cannot say this enough, ladies: their jeans feel like you’re in your pjs!! GET A PAIR NOW!!!Women Celebrating Women-1Women Celebrating Women-14Women Celebrating Women-10Stay tuned for the next shoot! You’re gonna love it!

The Art & Business of Boudoir Un-Workshop

Boudoir Photography Workshop 2018-3Yessssss….I am SO EXCITED to share with you that I have been invited to teach an un-workshop at the ever-so-extraordinary, 3rd annual Photo Rehab taking place September 30 through October 4, 2018 in Estes Park, CO!

“Un-Workshop??” you ask? Yes, well so here’s the thing: The Photo Rehab understands that a lot photography workshops out there kind of revolve around you sitting, someone else talking and instead of your hands being wrapped around a camera, they’re twisted around a pen, spending most of your time taking notes rather than doing what you should be doing: photographing.Boudoir Photography Workshop 2018-1

So if you’re a new photographer that’s looking for a great bang for your buck, this is for you. Why? Because you get access to eight BADASS photographers that all have different specialties, allowing you to inundate yourself with a full menu of learning opportunities.

If you’re a seasoned photographer and you’re in a rut or want to move onto to something new, this workshop is for you. Why? See above.

I will specifically be teaching The Art & Business of Boudoir and John will be filming all the behind the scenes yummies for you all! If you’ve ever wanted to break into boudoir photography, or up your game then you may want to come spend a bit of time with me. I’ll be covering In-Person Sales and we’re going to spend a bunch of time photographing live models so that you can learn how to modify super easy and sexy poses for any body type, all while padding your portfolio with some new and incredible photos that you’ve taken all by yourselfsies (yes, that’s a real word…I swear)! Boudoir Photography Workshop 2018-2

There is something here for everyone and you DO NOT want to miss this! Take a moment to click some of the links above to find out more!


How Engaging

Editorial Engagement Photography | Elizabeth Craig Photography-1When Nicole & Hemen chose an in-studio engagement session, I got a little giddy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of colorful outdoor, romantic sessions bathed in golden-hour light, but I rarely get to photograph couples in my studio. I had to plan a bit and that was a little hard since I had no idea what either one of them looked like. For all I knew, Hemen was 6 feet tall and Nicole was 4’8″….or, for goodness sakes…the other way around. Also–sometimes couples *think* they want a more editorial-style engagement session, but getting just that right smolder or sexy vibe is so much harder than playfully romping in a park.

As you can see, Nicole & Hemen were pros. I had planned to spend about an hour with them…two hours later we were still trying some new things and having a good time.

I think I love my studio even more now. Seven years in this space and still going strong…Editorial Engagement Photography | Elizabeth Craig Photography-3Editorial Engagement Photography | Elizabeth Craig Photography-5Editorial Engagement Photography | Elizabeth Craig Photography-2Editorial Engagement Photography | Elizabeth Craig Photography-4Editorial Engagement Photography | Elizabeth Craig Photography-7

What Kind of Life are You Living?

Yes, You are Worthy-5The other day, I had a grand epiphany. As I sat on my back patio, sipping a glass of wine, I began to trace back my own evolution of adulthood through the years. Teens….moment to moment living, thinking about the future only in ways that made life more exciting, first loves, second chances. Twenties…so carefree, fearless, never mindful of present decisions impacting future outcomes. Thirties….hopeful, more mindful, taking note of exciting occurrences that catapult us into growing up, such as marriage and babies, mortgages. Right here. I traced the beginning of the kind of life I’m living to right here.

The epiphany: I live a safe life.

Can I, just for a moment, help you understand how disappointing this epiphany was for me?? It’s just so….predictable. I hate being a foregone conclusion in any manner.

I realized that before fully accepting the foot I placed into adulthood, followed by the other so happily, I made my decisions based on joy, fulfillment, with ease and with the full and absolute belief that no matter what decision I made, so long as it was made with integrity and truth, the outcome would always be in my favor. I wasn’t lackadaisical. I certainly wasn’t lazy, and never disrespectful of the responsibilities I had that matched my age. However, I had a beautiful trust in myself that I rarely second guessed. I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that everything was going to be ok. There would be ups, downs, storms and sunshine, but when I made decisions they came from a place of joy and truth. Now they come from a place of fear and what-if.

How did I go from being a worry-free, easy-going lover of life and a true gypsy at heart, to anxiousness, fearfulness, and self-doubt?

Each year that a rental lease would run out, it never even dawned on me to stay another year. Why would I?? There were far too many places to see and experiences to be had. Each season presented a wiping clean of the previous one and New Year’s Eve came with the promise of so many new and undiscovered adventures for the following 365 days. I loved meeting new people, I’d try anything once and laughing came so so so easily to me.

This was a beloved and cherished trait in myself that my grandmother passed down to me. She would tell me tales about my grandfather coming home to find notes on the front door when they were just newly married:

“We don’t live here anymore. Come to xxx yyy zzz address. We live there now.”

She would move into one apartment, clean and decorate it and immediately become bored and begin looking for the next dwelling she could take over and make her own…and then move again. It drove my pap crazy. When I heard this story it made me love her even more.

Somehow my gypsy faded into a recess of some corner of some space in my heart, but I found her and wow is she ready to cut loose.

She asked me a question: What kind of life are you living?

“As I sit and reflect on my life, I can without a doubt say how thrilled I am that I led a safe life, never took risks and always took the easy way to ensure no excitement was more than I could handle.”

Not.Yes, You are Worthy-7Yes, You are Worthy-3Yes, You are Worthy-2Yes, You are Worthy-6Yes, You are Worthy-4Yes, You are Worthy-14Makeover by AtHome Beauty.